Alliance Partner

Emerson Clinical Research Institute

In 2013, the Emerson Clinical Research Institute was launched with the sole mission of providing clinical trial access to underserved communities in the DC area. The current therapeutic areas of particular focus in the outpatient setting in pediatrics and adults include; women’s’ and men’s health, metabolic disease, ophthalmology, infectious disease, and vaccinations. We have a network of eight research sites at other community clinics that conduct phase II-IV clinical studies, with the focus of providing healthcare services to minority and low-income populations that don’t otherwise have access to screenings, treatment and research opportunities.

ECRIs’ research locations and partner clinics are led by physicians of color and have been strategically placed throughout the Washington, DC, Northern Virgina, Chicago, Maryland and Northern New Jersey. ECRI has a unique position supporting 6 Latin American Consulates across the D.C metro area. These areas encompass some of the larges diverse patient populations which could benefit from access to medical care and clinical trials. ECRI studies provide hope to patients as well as immense pride to those that participate. Dedicated efforts are made to improve availability and increase diversity in clinical trials, ensure patients understand the purpose of clinical trials, and why their participation is so vital to improving healthcare and precision medicine in their own communities.