hyperCORE International 's NASH Capabilities

Experience and Quality

Partner Highlights

Clinical Trials of Texas has conducted more than 20 NASH trials, a robust fatty liver Pre-screen process in place for more than 4 years which includes on-site FibroScan, and access to a large Latino population.

FOMAT Medical Research has access to over 60 gastroenterologists, on-site DEXA, FibroScan imaging, along with a 3rd party mobile vendor for imaging.

IACT Health has on-site Fibro Scans in four locations with both specialty practices (3 gastroenterology, 2 endocrinology) and numerous family practice offices supporting NASH research.

LMC Manna Research includes both hepatology and endocrinology KOLs & access to over 60 endocrinologists with on-site FibroScans and is presently conducting a Canadian NASH registry trial.

 MOORE Clinical Research has access to a large Latino population in the Tampa area to target with NASH trials.

QCR Clinical Research has a FibroScan and access to large Latino and Native American populations.

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