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hyperCORE International Wins First ACRP All-Star Challenge for Sites

hyperCORE International took first place in the inaugural ACRP All-Star Challenge for Sites during the ACRP 2019 annual conference in Nashville.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center took second place, and Sara Cannon Research Institute placed third.

“Congratulations to the team from hyperCORE International on their win,” says Jim Kremidas, ACRP Executive Director. “We also want to congratulate Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Sarah Cannon Research Institute for their second-and third-place finishes, respectively.”

During the ACRP All-Star Challenge for Sites, teams were asked to collaboratively solve problems presented in three real-world scenarios and to present to a panel of industry-leading judges. Scenarios were not provided in advance.

“Clinical research is all about collaboration and problem solving, and that’s what the ACRP All-Star Challenge is all about,” Kremidas adds. “Clearly, these organizations all should be commended for their ability to work together and collaboratively solve problems while exemplifying operational efficiency, teamwork, effectiveness, cost constraint, and communication.”

“We are incredibly proud of the highly talented professionals from our site/network companies who came together as a team to compete,” says Jeff Kingsley, CEO of IACT Health and COO of hyperCORE. “Announced just a week ago, hyperCORE brings together a group of already highly successful and professionalized research site businesses in a powerful new way, and we were beyond thrilled to see that power in action at the ACRP All-Star challenge.”

The ACRP All-Star Challenge will be held again in conjunction with ACRP 2020 in Seattle and will include a broader set of team and individual competitions.

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