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hyperCORE International teams with VirTrial – 1st virtual trial capable site network in the world

VirTrial today announced a collaboration with hyperCORE International, the largest independent clinical research site network in the world. hyperCORE includes more than 80 sites across five countries and two continents and is the first site network to have all sites trained and certified as Virtual Trial Capable.

The training program includes four modules that clinical research professionals complete to demonstrate a level of competence in general telemedicine etiquette and guidelines, as well as how to utilize the VirTrial platform. Participants then receive a Virtual Trial Capable certificate and badge to highlight to sponsors and CROs that they are prepared to conduct hybrid decentralized clinical trials.

“hyperCORE International is a proponent of meaningful change in how clinical trials are delivered to patients, ensuring that efficiencies are realized,” said Mark Lacy, CEO of hyperCORE International and Benchmark Research. “The benefit of having the network trained and certified on virtual trials provides sponsors the option to conduct decentralized clinical trials within an experienced site network where they can maintain control over quality and standardization across sites.”

“VirTrial is taking a grass-roots approach to decentralized clinical trials by aligning with sites and helping them prepare for the shift from traditional trials to hybrid trials where some visits are in person and some are remote,” said Amanda Rangel, VP of Business Development for VirTrial. “hyperCORE International is an industry leader in decentralized trial preparation and we are thrilled to collaborate with such a progressive network whose mission to modernize the traditional research site model aligns perfectly with ours,” she concluded.

“Direct to patient clinical trials are a massive benefit to our industry and to the patients who give so much of themselves to help us learn and advance. Patients will have an easier time committing to the rigors of a clinical trial knowing that they can participate from the comfort of their own home or work,” said Jeff Kingsley, COO of hyperCORE International and CEO of IACT Health. “hyperCORE International is strongly focused on the future and I’m proud that we are early adopters in the effort toward revolutionary change in our industry.”

“We are very supportive of virtual trials having been selected to pilot various platforms over the last couple of years,” said Karri Venn, President of LMC Manna Research, Canada’s largest integrated research organization and a founding partner member of hyperCORE International. “Our experience has given us direct insight into virtually assisted trials vs. traditionally run trials. We’ve seen firsthand not only the operational benefits, but more importantly, the improvement to the patient experience through greater access and reduced burden when participating in a clinical trial, ” continued Venn. “We are committed to the smart use of technology in the advancement of more efficient and patient centric clinical research. VirTrial’s Virtual Trial Capable certification is yet another demonstration of our commitment.”

For more information on the Virtual Trial Capable certificate program, go to https://virtrial.com/research-sites/.

About VirTrial

VirTrial is a technology company using a stable, long-standing telehealth platform to transform the clinical trials industry. The platform offers a patient management program that combines video, text, and email allowing pharmaceutical companies and CROs to create patient centric trials by replacing some study visits with virtual visits. The vision is for 25-50% of the visits to be conducted virtually creating a hybrid model. This model is ideally suited for Phase III/Phase IV trials where patient compliance can be assessed from any location. Our patient management program allows sites to create efficient automated messaging. The VirTrial app is supported on any device (Apple, Android, tablet and/or computer) and can be used by any site. It is hosted in a secure, cloud-based, environment and is HIPAA compliant.

VirTrial enables greater accessibility to trials for patients, higher performance by clinical trial sites, and improved outcomes for pharmaceutical companies. Working together we can bring better medications to market more quickly. To learn more about VirTrial, visit https://www.VirTrial.com.

About hyperCORE International

Formed in 2019, hyperCORE International is a super network of highly experienced and awarded clinical research site/network companies. It is an industry leader, providing Phase I-IV clinical trial services with more than 80 active research sites across the globe. It is the largest independent clinical research site organization in the world. Its member companies have over 100 years of combined experience and completed more than 6,000 studies helping to evaluate thousands of new drugs and treatments in more than 60,000 patients. Each member operates as an independent company but integrates common functions to streamline business and clinical operations through harmonization and sharing of best practices.

hyperCORE International is committed to the highest standard of research excellence with subject safety, data integrity, rapid study startup, competitive enrollment, and outstanding subject retention as top priorities. Its innovative and collaborative partnership model redefines the way Sponsors, CROs, and sites engage in delivering meaningful research to patients.