hyperCORE International

hyperCORE International Welcomes a New Partner

Columbus, OH – March 18 2021

hyperCORE International, a multi-national integrated research organization, announces the addition of Aventiv Research as a new partner to accommodate the organization’s rapid business growth.

“We are excited to have Dr. Arora and his team from Aventiv Research join hyperCORE International,” said Karri Venn, CEO of hyperCORE. “It adds an additional Phase 1 presence across our group and aligned therapeutic areas that will further strengthen our group’s capabilities to best support our industry partners.”

The partnership with Aventiv Research, based in Columbus, Ohio, represents the 11th Network and a 20% growth of the hyperCORE International organization in the last year. This expansion continues the network’s strategic growth plan toward a diversity of services, all aimed at improving hyperCORE’s value to the clinical trial industry.

“Aventiv Research is extremely proud to announce its strategic partnership with hyperCORE International.  We are grateful to be a part of this well-respected and elite ecosystem where we can work together to enhance lives and improve the future of medicine. We are committed to excellence at Aventiv Research and are driven by the patients we serve.  We look forward to serving our patients together with our dedicated partners hyperCORE International by our side,” said Dr. Samir Arora, President and Medical Director at Aventiv Research.

The hyperCORE network is composed of over 100 member sites across North and South America and offers streamlined efficiencies such as single budget and contracts, and shared platforms for rapid scalability; the network also offers unparalleled access to diverse populations and depth of expertise across vaccines, metabolic disorders, dermatology, and many additional therapeutic areas.