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FOMAT Medical Research Launches Clinical Research Ambulance

Originally published via the FOMAT Medical Research blog on June 18, 2022. Edited with permission for context.


FOMAT Medical Research shares in hyperCORE’s larger mission to increase diversity in clinical research and bring innovative healthcare to underrepresented populations across all communities. To help reach that mission, FOMAT has recently unveiled their new Clinical Research Ambulance! With this ambulance, they plan on engaging their patient population through education, patient visits, and easily accessible decentralized/virtual clinical trial services. 

Given the rising cost of living and demand of time involved in clinical trials, the request for decentralized and hybrid trials has increased drastically, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this, FOMAT has pivoted to offer smart clinical research solutions, like this ambulance, to their patients all while managing patient safety, streamlining data collection, and supporting study endpoints.

Remote study visits, like those provided by FOMAT’s ambulance, can provide multiple benefits for pharmaceutical companies, research sites, and patients- allowing us to connect with various different communities, thereby increasing diversity in clinical trial enrollment rates. Remote visits also present options to patients that can make participation more convenient, such as at-home visits, personal guidance through trial procedures, or the ability to conduct certain trial procedures without the need for a traditional research office.

Not only does an ambulance like this lead to increased patient retention rates, but it also allows the clinical staff at FOMAT to provide more personalized care so study participants feel more valued and cared for 

Currently, the FOMAT Ambulance of Research offers diagnostics and educational programs for fatty liver scans, COVID-19 tests, immunizations, physical exams, and many more. Not only does this help hyperCORE expand their capabilities for all of these therapeutic areas, but it also helps the super network reach underserved populations in an incredibly unique way that is not commonly seen in our industry. It’s just another way we’re working to accelerate clinical research for all!

To learn more about FOMAT’s ambulance, or any of their clinical research efforts, please visit their website.