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MOORE Clinical Research is now True Blue Clinical Research

MOORE Clinical Research, one of our valued alliance partners, is now TrueBlue Clinical Research! The new name comes on the heels of a recent partnership made between MOORE and PHDermatology Research (both based in Tampa, FL) allowing MOORE to further expand their clinical research capabilities in dermatology.

“We’ve had many positive changes in 2022 due to our newly formed partnership with PHDermatology and Dermatology Medical Partners,” said Executive Director, Jeffrey Smyth. “This partnership has facilitated a steady growth and rapidly expanding capabilities and we felt a name change was necessary to reflect those changes. Although MOORE Clinical Research has been successfully conducting clinical trials in the Tampa Bay community for 16 years, we felt the name change to TrueBlue Clinical Research was the thread needed to connect our name to our values.”

“We are very excited about the growth we’ve seen in our clinical research group since our partnership acquisition of MOORE Clinical Research in January”, commented Dr. Amy Ross, CEO/CMO of PHDermatology and Dermatology Medical Partners, parent company to TrueBlue Clinical Research. “This growth has facilitated an upturn in the expansion of our research capabilities and I’m excited to see how Jeff Smyth and his clinical team continue this positive growth trend in the future.”

Learn more about True Blue Clinical Research by visiting their website or following them on LinkedIn!