hyperCORE International

hyperCORE International Announces New Appointments to Executive Leadership Board

The clinical trial super network has voted to expand its leadership board and appoint new individuals to key positions. 

hyperCORE International has recently appointed several new members to its Executive Leadership Board for the upcoming term. Previously, the Board was made up of five executive leadership positions but has expanded to include critical appointments that will help the super network develop a wider breadth of industry relationships and capitalize on its current success.

Appointments for the upcoming term are as follows:

About hyperCORE International:

Formed in 2019, hyperCORE International is a super network of highly experienced and awarded clinical research site/network companies. hyperCORE is an industry leader, providing Phase I-IV clinical trial services with over 100 active clinical trial sites across the globe. Its member companies have over 100 years of combined experience and have completed more than 7,000 studies helping to evaluate thousands of new drugs and treatments in more than 140,000 randomized patients. Each member operates as an independent company but integrates common functions to streamline business and clinical operations through harmonization and sharing of best practices.

hyperCORE is committed to the highest standard of clinical research excellence with subject safety, data integrity, rapid study startup, competitive enrollment, and outstanding subject retention as top priorities. Its members have won numerous awards for performance, quality, and innovation, and is a proud member of VaxCorps.

Michael Casey
Executive Director of hyperCORE International